Success Stories

Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry

Goal: To provide a pediatric dentist with a unique, high quality image space, as a long term investment in an upscale mixed use development.


Extensive pre-construction skills and close coordination with the building owner was provided throughout construction to achieve the intended quality result.


Since this was the dentist’s first personal dental practice the client was anxious to keep costs low while maintaining a high degree of unique quality, such that the space would become a primary image statement.


By concentrating on retaining the most notable architectural details and finishes while removing or substituting more costly options without providing the commensurate value, overall construction costs were significantly reduced.

Result: Southern Village Pediatric Dentistry now has an imaginative space that is comfortable for both children and their parents. It is a space that the dental equipment vendor has requested to showcase in their national advertising campaigns as ‘the best designed and constructed practice they have seen in recent years’.

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