Success Stories

The Munch Building and Amber Alley

Goal: To transform an aging, neglected historical landmark located in charming downtown Chapel Hill into desirable, contemporary office space with safe access.


Mindful of the ambiance of the district’s unique historical character, architect T.J. Land’s vision was to preserve and improve the spirit of the space by exposing and refurbishing the original brickwork, hardwood floors and other distinctive architectural features while updating the infrastructure to attract discriminating business tenants.


We incorporate recycling and reuse processes in all of our projects. Due to its location on the second floor of a bustling downtown street, the access to the Munch project was limited and the alley way was well traveled most hours of the day.


Small containers were used to separating wastes, and allowed us to recycle materials and carefully preserve historic materials for re-use in the space to keep costs down while enhancing the distinguishing quality of the space. Additionally, the alley was resurfaced with stamped concrete to give the look of worn terra cotta.

Result: Vibrant, fresh office space with safe access blended with village charm evocative of days gone by but desirable to high tech tenants seeking modern amenities.

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