Concordia Building Company is committed to meeting the construction needs of its clients. We have developed a specific, proven strategy to deliver the best possible projects, on time and within budget. Construction Control Check ensures that each project is approached with consistent standards and processes that lead to success.

Construction Control Process

Our Construction Control Check is a three phase process to:

  Ensure quality

  Meet time deadlines

  Control budgets


Pre-construction Consulting

  • Survey of site conditions
  • Analysis of project constructability
  • Manage bid process to define scope and budget
  • Identify recycle/reuse opportunities

Construction Management

  • Pre-construction team conference
  • Establish schedule and ground rules
  • Develop recycling/waste disposal procedures
  • Establish safety plan
  • Enable scope of work change process
  • Provide construction quality oversight
  • Adhere to schedule and budget
  • Coordinate all inspections

Occupant Readiness

  • Secure occupancy permit
  • Provide close-out documentation
  • Verify completion of work to client’s satisfaction
  • Conduct final evaluation of services

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